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Poppy Playtime

Poppy Playtime

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Poppy Playtime is an episodic horror play developed and published by independent developer Mob Entertainment. In this game, you take the role of a former employee of a toy-making company called Playtime Co. and revisit the abandoned toy factory 10 years after the staff’s inexplicable disappearance. This game offers intense puzzles, enemies to avoid, and a gripping storyline that promises a truly memorable experience. 

Sharpen Your Puzzles Skills

It features a wide range of puzzles that require logical thinking and some creativity to solve. You are equipped with a gadget called the GrabPack, which helps you to progress quickly through the puzzles. The puzzles range from easy to challenging, making them suitable and enjoyable for players of all levels. 

Be Ready to Fight the Unexpected

Another exciting part of the game is your encounters with enemies ranging from wild animals to supernatural entities. You must be prepared to fight them off as you make your way through the factory and try to unravel the mystery of the staff’s disappearance. Exercise caution while going through the play, as even the slightest mistake in your gameplay can put an end to your journey.

Diversify Your Content with the Non-Fungible Tokens 

The play developer team Mob Entertainment recently announced the availability of non-fungible tokens of in-game content. These tokens enable players to purchase new items and customize their characters with unique cosmetic items. This adds more diversity and replayability to the game and lets players express their creativity as they progress through the game.

Experience the Haunting Atmosphere

The game features a dark and eerie atmosphere that transports you into the mysterious world of Poppy Playtime. You can almost smell the musty air of the abandoned factory as you explore its many rooms, while the detailed graphics and sound design create an immersive experience you can almost touch. 


It is a horror play that offers an amazing and intense experience. The gripping storyline, suspenseful gameplay, beautiful graphics, and eerie atmosphere create a captivating experience that you won’t soon forget. Despite some setbacks, such as the bugs in the second chapter and lack of content, the play still offers an enjoyable experience for horror and adventure game fans alike.


  • Gripping Storyline
  • Suspenseful Gameplay
  • Beautiful Graphics.


  • Buggy Gameplay
  • Lack of Content.


Poppy Playtime Poppy Playtime
Poppy Playtime
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